There is a magic, bohemian place where people go at night to hear erotic tales. A Madame introduces each client to a lady or gentleman, who will take them deep into a world of evocative recitation. Words flow gently as desire smoothly invades every inch and every crevice. The narrators will take you on a journey through four tales which will lead you to discover new feelings and places full of lust.

The Two Alexes
I’m tired of having to define myself. Sweet or savory, black or white, friend or lover, man or woman, dominant or submissive, saint or whore… Fuck everything having to be labeled and classified.

My mother
No one, man or woman, ever fucked with my mother. She was the most progressive, refined, libertine and sensual woman any one had ever seen. She was a real revolutionary, everything about her, from the way she dressed, to her paintings, and her decision to become a single mother went against the grain, and she knew it.

In Wonderland
I always thought that when I turned 30, I’d be an adult, living the life I’d always fantasized about… the one we create when we’re little girls. A beautiful apartment, two children, a dog, a completely fulfilling job and a handsome and loving husband… These thoughts couldn’t be further from my life today.

Wet sheets
It had been over a year and he still could not forget her mouth, the taste of her kisses, the intensity of her blow-jobs. He can’t get Anna off his mind, the taste of other mouths leave him unsatisfied. The touch of other hands only brings back his memory of her caresses.